It is said that,

Knowledge is power & Library of Vidyalaya is store house of Knowledge.

The Vidyalaya has got a big, Spacious & well furnished library having sitting capacity of 45 students at a time. It is also a well lighted & dust free library located at JNV Kannad, Dist. Aurangabad has NCERT & State syllabus textbooks. 7180 library books including reference books, English Literature, Hindi Literature, Marathi Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Mathematics, Economics, Geography, Arts & Music, Sports Education, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias Directories, Annuals, Atlases, Abstracts, Computer & ICT, Biographies, Almanac , Health, Biotechnology, Competitive Examination Books & Audio Visual AIDS  i.e. CDs & Video cassettes are neatly arranged in 19 glass book case & racks within the reach of every reader. In addition, 25 Journals & Periodicals and 23 News Papers (Hindi-5, English-4, Marathi – 14) are subscribed which remain distributed on the table in reading section, after school hours, it get circulated to Boys & Girls Dormitories. House Library is also established in boys & girls dormitories.

          Students invest weekly two periods in library, & follows Open Access System for the Books. We are teaching basic library & information Science to the students in library period, also issues books to every student of the class. Students are taught and encouraged to write Book Review of the Book.


          We have conducted various activities like Book Talk, Book Seminar, Book Review Writing, Book review writing, Book Exhibition, Word Searching from dictionaries, Mobile Library Service , Wall Magazine, Celebration of National Book Week, Book Binding Workshop & Career Guidance program. It is equipped with a computerized database enabling the students to have access to the necessary books quickly.